We Played just Under 100 Escape Games: What Have We Learned

Duane and I have played just under 100 escape games (96 to be exact). There are quite a few things we have learned that may not be common knowledge to new players or those who have only played a handful of escape games. Here is a list of what we know for sure: 

Get yourself a group of good dedicated escape room players and keep them:

If you have a group of friends who you have played with consistently and have been successful (winning or overall having  a great time), KEEP THEM! Duane and I generally play with each other but we have played with various groups of family/friends or people we just met randomly before walking into the escape game. After almost 100 games, we enjoy playing with each other. If your goal is to win as many games possible, “stick with the winning team.” Remember for most games (at least in the United States) you only have one HOUR TO EXIT. This is not the time to get acquainted with new players and their skills or lack thereof. Now, don't get us wrong, we have played with strangers who have blown us away with their "investigative" skills and attention to detail, via public bookings (were escape room companies - like our escape room allows anyone to book an escape game up to the maximum number of players for that specific room). It was always a pleasure to play with strangers whether we won or lost. 

Play during the week if you can:

Playing during the week will work to your advantage for several reasons. Often times it's less expensive. Many escape room companies have cheaper prices during the week (we will be implementing this soon). If it’s a public booking escape room, you have a very good chance of playing with your group privately (unless your in a tourist area that has public bookings). May even get to speak with the owner or designer of the game you played. In our experience, we have met other escape room owners and designers when we have played escape games during the week. Its always very nice speaking with them about the back ends of the game which; as escape room enthusiast is a cool insight about the escape room industry that normally does not happen. You may also get to speak with someone who clearly enjoys escape rooms in some capacity. Now that we are escape room owners we love speaking to other owners about the industry. This is also a great time to ask about more awesome games in the local area as well. 

Never play too many games in one day (unless your going for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records)

On our trip to the Bahamas we stopped in Orlando, Florida for one day and planned to play 5 games, we ended up playing a total of 6 games. Duane and I (mostly Duane) chose harder level rooms. We started off great and excited, but hit a roadblock that completely threw us off track. By the end of the day, I was tired, cranky, my feet hurt and Duane and I were not friends for the rest of the night. Playing too many games, combined with the pressure of time limits can make your brain go to mush.