The Great Zoltar is a famous stage magician, entertaining large audiences nearly every night. You and your friends are also magicians - and concerned citizens. Lately, it seems like all of the competition has been mysteriously disappearing! You know it has something to do with Zoltar because every time a magician drops out, he takes their spot in the limelight. What is happening to the other magicians? You only have one hour to sneak into Zoltar’s dressing room and find out!

Level of Difficulty: 8/10
2 - 8 Players

 Google Review  ★★★
Awesome Escape Room!! 

"We just completed Elude the Illusionist. Fantastic design, unique clues, fun theme and owners were great. We are escape room fans and have done well over 50 rooms in a variety of cities. (Trying to compile a list to have an exact count). This room is in the top 10%!! We had a lot of fun and can’t wait to return soon!"

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